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Unlock the potential of your online presence with our expert SEO and copywriting services. Elevate your website's visibility and engage your audience with tailored content optimised for search engines. 

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Living in the digital world, having a website is very crucial for any business. If a business does not have a website, it is missing several business opportunities and potential customers. A business website helps in accomplishing a number of digital marketing strategies that can help a business grow.

Let us create you an outstanding website that is results driven, giving you more customers and increasing your online presence. We have in-house story tellers and talented designers that can tell your unique story and create you the perfect website.

An attractive, fully responsive and ​mobile-friendly website is your online shop front window, it is therefore a business essential. In addition to design we can also offer domain and web hosting, regular updates and copywriting services. Whether you’re a small business providing local services or a global enterprise, we have all the expertise to build your perfect website. Looking for an e-commerce website? We've got that covered too.​




SEO is crucial part of website design and marketing because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. 

SEO has major benefits for websites and can lead to long-term exponential growth. Brands that invest in SEO can build credibility and trust with audiences, making it a pivotal part of a digital marketing strategy.

Your competitors will likely be investing in SEO, which means you should too. Those who invest heavily in SEO often outrank the competition in search engine results and gain market share. If you consider that results on the first page of a Google search get over 90% of traffic, you cannot afford not to be there, especially if your competitors are. 



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Proud Partners with Love Saves the Day PR,  specialises in PR for experience-based businesses across leisure, tourism and hospitality industries.

PR requires creativity, originality and the ability to take a risk in order to create something that has impact. This can happen through a balance of slow burn stories and quick fixes that create an instant burst of publicity, or through strategised approaches that sit at the heart of your company values. 

With your business goals, objectives and tried and tested methods understood, we will fact-find your industry to understand what the hot topic is. Combined with our marketing and PR knowledge, we can produce a strategy that gives your business direction - with milestones pegged and objectives and tactics outlined by agreed timeframes. Armed with the strategy produced, we can advise you in how to bring its contents to life or perhaps take the reins for you.


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If you have a product or service you're trying to sell, despite the size of your business, copywriting is crucial. It doesn't matter how long have you been in the industry or how big you are. You always need Marketing to promote your product offering and encourage your audience to act.

Here at The British Media Company, we have a range of copywriters and journalists that specialise in a variety of industries to produce you the best copy that is not only informative and professional, but most importantly appeals to your target market. Did you know that just under 80% of users pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar errors. This could determine whether the user will invest in your company. Therefore, by investing in professional copywriting can increase business conversions.

Furthermore, with tailored call to action points within your copy is proven to be 220% more effective.

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Zoom is great but rather 2020...

We know how important it is to get to know and trust your marketing team.  Why not arrange a face-to-face meeting with one of our marketing experts.

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