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Women in Sport




Thirteen-year-old Sussex girl qualifies for The British National Championships. 

According to recent findings by the charity Women in Sport, there is ‘huge disengagement’ in teenage girls when it comes to sport and exercise. And the facts* remain that:

​In the UK more than 700,000 women are less active than men

Nearly 60% of girls are not meeting recommended exercise guidelines    

And yet 2022 has been described by Women in Sport as

‘The Year Women’s Sport Roared’.

Currently seeking sponsorship to enable her to fulfill her potential, Willow will be participating in Three Event Tournament Water-skiing just nine months after her first attempt at trying trick skiing.

Based in Selsey on the South Coast, Willow was recently awarded the trophy for ‘The most improved female skier’ by The Waterski Academy at their annual awards ceremony. She has also completed her Gold Award for Trick and Slalom skiing which along with Jump Skiing, make up the three events of a Three Event Waterski Tournament.


Training in all weathers (including sub-zero temperatures), Willow initially tried water skiing at an after-school club, created by a partnership with Chichester Free School and Chichester Waterski Club. Her natural aptitude was immediately spotted by the club’s coach Duke Hazzard. Suggesting she try Trick Skiing; Passing his protégé on to former British Team member, now waterski coach Nick McGarry at The Waterski Academy due to Chichester being closed over winter. Willow’s parents now take her on the five hundred round trip journey twice a month to Lancashire in order for her to continue training in addition to visiting JB Waterski in Surrey.

Thank you to Waterski_photography James Elliot

for the photography.

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A word from Willow…

“Hi, I’m Willow, and after reading all the statistics about women in sport I would really love to encourage other girls to try different sports. My goal now is to find a sponsor that can help me along my water-skiing journey so I can improve my skills and help inspire and encourage other girls to do more sport. I will continue to train hard in all weathers and continue to travel up to Manchester for my winter training to hopefully get accepted to compete in the national championship in August. I would love for my story to inspire other girls as you never know where sport can lead you and without being introduced to water-skiing, I would have never found my love, passion and dedication for the sport and I want others to find theirs. It would be amazing if you could help me to help others and myself along this journey”

A word from her coaches...

Duke Hazzard – Coach and Club Safety Officer at Chichester Waterski Club

“Willow is talented, dedicated and disciplined. When she makes it to the Nationals, she will be the third juvenile that Chichester Waterski Club will have put through. Watching young talent like Willow develop is a real pleasure.”

Nick McGarry - Former British Waterski Team member and The Waterski Academy Coach

“Willow has already made sacrifices such as her social life and other sports she used to participate in. To be in with a chance of qualifying for this year’s National Championships. She now has to score enough points in at least two of the disciplines in previous competitions to compete in all three at The Nationals.”

“To be a three-event skier you need discipline and determination to learn the necessary techniques. Flair and natural talent help but you won’t get anywhere without hard work and dedication,”

This opportunity is supported by The British Media Company who will be supporting the project and raising awareness for the sponsor. This will be done via targeted ads on designated platforms to ensure maximum return on investment for the sponsor.

Willow is also coached by Brett Hodgkins ex junior world overall champion, 4x junior European Champion, 2x British overall champion.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

This sponsorship is supported by The British Media companies campaign for women in sport 2023/24. The sponsor will benefit from all media coverage posted by The British Media company in addition to the athlete!

There are 531,000 posts on women in sports. This is the audience we will expose your brand to as part of the campaign!

If you are interested in sponsoring this young and up and coming athlete please get in touch to discuss a bespoke package. A sponsor would benefit from having their brand logo on Willow's clothing and equipment as well as promotion around the championships. 

Your logo and weblink/branding will be on The British Media website and home page. You will get sponsored posts saying how you support women in sport which would be targeted to all female and young athletes and their parents. Your branding will also feature on Willow's social accounts every month. Please contact us below if you are interested.


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